Company Policies


• West Coast Edge reserves the right to cancel tours due to inclement weather, foreseeable hazards or events beyond our control.  In this case alternate dates will be offered for rescheduling.

• Safety regulations require that West Coast Edge ATV Adventures does not permit women who are pregnant either as driver or as a passenger on any and all tours.

• Participants under the age of 19 must have parent/guardian signature and must be accompanied by parent/guardian.  

• It is mandatory  for all riders to sign our company release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement, as well as our code of conduct and rental agreement.

• It is the responsibility of all participants to disclose of any known medical conditions that may disallow, halt or hinder you to safely operate or ride any of our units. It is the responsibility of all participants to disclose of any life threatening allergies prior to tour i.e. food/bees.  If you do suffer from any life threatening allergies, you are responsible for providing the appropriate medication until medical assistance can be reached. 

• ATV adventure tours are not recommended for individuals who suffer from severe back/neck pain or heart and respiratory distress. It is recommended that you to consult with your physician prior to participation. 

• All operators / drivers must be 16 years of age and must possess a valid driver’s license and have parent or guardian sign off on all forms prior to tours. Driver's license must be presented prior to tour. 


At West Coast Edge ATV Adventures our goal is to ensure that all guests have a safe, enjoyable and memorable ATV Adventure.

All participants must agree and sign off on our Code of Conduct Policy or you may risk forfeiting your tour without refund. All guests are asked to keep in mind that none of our tours are intended to be a race but rather are asked to respect the environment, our equipment and tread lightly. 


  • All ATV operators must possess a valid driver’s licence.

  • Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during ATV operation.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times during operation of ATV.

  • Never operate at excessive speeds; always travel at a speed that is proper for the terrain, visibility, operating conditions and the rider's experience.

  • Always keep all body parts inside of the ATV with doors / nets properly secured during operation.

  • Always follow your guide and stay in line during tours. Never pass or overtake riders in front of you.

  • Maintain a safe distance between your machine and the one in front of you (min. 100 - 200 feet or 30 to 60 meters).

  • Always ride within your ability.

  • When travelling on any backroads always remain on the right hand side of the road.

  • Never attempt any stunts i.e. donuts, wheelies or jumps.


  • A credit card is required upon booking to reserve your tour date.

  • For all overnight trips a 50% (non refundable) deposit is required in order to reserve accommodations and equipment. Balance is due one week prior to arrival.

  • All half day trips must payed in full at time of booking and are non refundable.

  • West Coast Edge will work diligently to provide alternate dates or departure times in the event of a customer needing to reschedule. If no alternates dates can be arranged a gift certificate will be provided.

  • Credit information must be provided prior to tour date. A $1000 damage deposit per ATV will be held on credit card as security for the duration of the tour. Renters agree to be responsible for any and all damage to machines while on tour.